Five Ways to Connect with Your Community

Put yourself into this story: Jesus draws a huge crowd, teaches them all day. You’re there as part of his team, so they’re about as awed by you as they are by him because who wouldn’t want to be in the inner circle with that guy?

They’ve been there all day, stomaches start growling, and Jesus says it’s time to eat. Then, he sets you up to be on the front lines of dispersing a miracle. See, Jesus didn’t hand out the miracle bread and fish, the disciples did. In the eyes of the crowd, these guys were as much a part of that amazing happening as Jesus was!

Consider this: If you had an opportunity to touch your local community with the love of Jesus, would you take it? What if the meeting was planned, the gathering was scheduled, and all you had left to do was be an active part in God’s miracle – sharing unconditional love? Would you do it?

So, here are five sure-fire ways for you to touch your community:

1. Cross the Line

Don’t stand on the sidelines and watch other people be the hands and feet touching our community. Remember: the disciples are the ones who handed out the bread and fish.

2. Step Forward

Every local church sits within a community, and the community needs to hear from you. If you don’t step forward and engage the community in tangible relevant ways, your church jeopardizes becoming irrelevant. Step forward, extend a hand, and say we’re here for you. How can you serve your community?

3. Don’t Look Around

The disciples didn’t push the kid with the lunch forward and say, “Hey kid, get busy! It’s YOUR lunch anyway!” Our community doesn’t recognize individual departments. SO make sure it’s “all in” when it comes to reaching out. Find a way to engage your entire church. If it’s left up to the evangelism team, the regret is not having the church-wide experience that happens when individuals encounter Jesus’ love. Jump in and be a part of it.

4. Do What Matters

In Luke 10, Martha had a pretty important guest, so what was wrong with her serving Him? See, we can get busy serving Jesus, but sometimes, we can get so busy serving that it goes over into the column of “too busy, occupied, and distracting.” When we get busy with our stuff, we miss the opportunities to gather together as one church family – one team – and do what matters.

5. Celebrate the Miracle

On the other side of your outreach or community event, how amazing would it be to hear all the stories of how the hand shakes, hugs, smiles, and service brightened our community and offered them a glimpse of what your church – the people – and Jesus are like?
Of the individuals who came to your outreach event, what if 10 percent decided to come to your service as a visitor? That’d be individuals walking through the doors of your church one more time. And it’s another opportunity to love them once again, sharing with them the miracle of Christ’s unearned, undeserved love and acceptance.
Consider inviting your local community to your church grounds for an event that offer great benefits and value to their lives.  Then, work hard to get all your teams together to be a part of the moments that day. Cross the line, step forward, don’t look around, do what matters, and celebrate the miracle of Christ’s love for us all, and especially as it relates to the surrounding community you are in.
How will you engage your community? How do you? Leave a comment and let me know!
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